2017-2018, Fall


Instructor: Merve Topcu, PhD

Course assistant: Merve Denizci Nazlıgül, MA

Office hour: By appointment


Course Description:

This course is an introduction course for Clinical Psychology. The next term students are expected to take PSY 245 Clinical Psychology II. This course aims to give students introductory topics about clinical psychology. At the end of this course, students are expected to know what clinical psychology is, how it was evolved, ethical and current issues in clinical psychology, conducting research in clinical psychology. Moreover, students will be introduced with assessment issues such as diagnosis, clinical interview, intellectual, neuropsychological, personality, and behavioral assessment in the scope of this class.


You have to be succesful in PSY101 & PSY 102 courses.


Course Rules:


All course requirements and assignments such as presentations, brief reports, proposals, etc. are expected to be written in APA style version 6. Please refer to writing manual for APA version 6. All students must write their reports on themselves. If two papers are totally or partially identical or similar, the owners of those papers deserve to get FF from the course no matter their mid-term and/or final grades.


If students produce an academic material from the content of the course, the instructor must be informed about it.


All cell phones must be silent or closed when in the class. The instructor can get the phones until the very end of the class.


Chronic late-comers are not welcomed. If you come late more than 5 minutes, DO NOT enter the course. The instructor may not get you to the class.


Attendance is compulsory. Attendance to 70% of class hours is necessary to enter the final exam. The attendance will be taken to follow the students. Regular course attendance is a good habit J If you have a valid excuse for not coming to class (hospital visit, decease, regular working, etc.) you must let me know at least by e-mailing before the excuse happens or you must provide an official paper to prove it.

The exams will cover the material covered in the class. Students are responsible from the class material and content.



Hunsley, J & Lee, CM (2006). Introduction to Clinical Psychology An Evidence-Based Approach. Canada: John Wiley & Sons Canada, Ltd.





Lecture requirements:

1) (40%) Midterm I
3) (60%) Final. Final is comprehensive (all topics).


MAKE-UP exams will be in essay format. For make-up exams you must contact me, directly.

For your exam notes and grades, please log onto the Çankaya system and look up your grades.

There could be bonus point activities, please strictly follow the courses.

Very Important Note: All assignments must be done ON YOUR OWN. Note that academic dishonesty includes not only cheating, fabrication, and plagiarism, but also includes helping other students commit acts of academic dishonesty by allowing them to obtain copies of your work. Cases of academic dishonesty will be dealt with harshly. If the student is found to be responsible of academic dishonesty, the typical sanction results in a grade of “FF”. More serious instances can result in expulsion from the university.


Tentative Weekly Schedule

 Holidays, festivals, and the pace of the course may cause some changes in table below.




1st week

(September 28, 2016)

Welcome and Syllabus


2nd week

What is Contemporary Clinical Psychology?


3rd week

Brief History of Clinical Psychology


4th week

Classification & Diagnosis


5th week

Assessment: Interview & Observation


6th week

Assessment: Intellectual, Cognitive measures & Self-report measures & Projective methods


7th week

Assessment: Intellectual, Cognitive measures & Self-report measures & Projective methods


8th week

(November,  15 & 16 2017)

Wednesday: Midterm-I

Thurrsday: Corse


9th week

Assessment: Intellectual, Cognitive measures & Self-report measures & Projective methods


10th week

Assessment: Intellectual, Cognitive measures & Self-report measures & Projective methods


11th week

Integration & Clinical decision-making


12th week



13th week



14th week

Final Days